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How to Identify the German PZKW VI Tank "Tiger"

Text and Images from the
U.S. Army Armor Identification Guide
FM30-490 - November 1943

tiger tank  I  pzkw  vi mark mk tank panzer specifications CHARACTERISTICS:
Very large; roughly cylindrical with elongation to front which ends in wide, flat face; slopes down gradually in front; cupola, offset to left and rear stowage bin affixed to rear.

Massive, boxlike, with long, flat top; very wide; sides and back vertical, front slightly

One 88 mm in turret.
One coaxial light machine gun.
One light machine gun in right front of hull.
Traction: Full track; eight (visible) large, overlapping bogie wheels; large driving sprocket in front, trailing idler in rear.


It is powerfully armed and armored, but its weigh makes it slow and unwieldy despite its elaborate traction.  The track, with overlapping bogie wheels, resembles the German half-track running gear.  Each side is equipped with 24 bogie wheels on 8 axles.   Either of 2 tracks can be mounted, a side one for battle and a narrow one for administrative marches on roads; 8 outer bogie wheels can be removed in the latter case.  It has been knocked out by U.S. 75mm and British 57mm guns. 

The “Tiger” first appeared against the Americans at Faid and Kasserine Pass. It has also been used in Russia, the Russians claming to have knocked it out in large numbers.

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