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Reichsheer equestrian Show Jumping Team 1932 Coppa d'Oro Oberleutnant von Salviati Hermann Freiherr von Nagel Richard Sahla Heinz
Reichsheer equestrian Show Jumping Team after winning the 1932 Team prize and the "Coppa d'Oro". The team members are (left to right): Oberleutnant von Salviati, Oberleutnant Hermann Freiherr von Nagel, Oberleutnant Richard Sahla, Oberleutnant Heinz
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p47 Thunderbolt crash landing  wrreck Germany France
A crash-landed P-47 "Thunderbolt" fighter-bomber is examined by advancing American soldiers somewhere in Germany or France - during 1944 or 1945.
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cossack german soldiers surrender 19th German Army russian landeck austria
German Cossack troops, of the German 19th Army,  surrender near Landeck Austria on May 5, 1945.
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VE-Day paradeLlandeck Austria 324th Alps regiment 44th infantyr

Soldiers of the 324th Regiment, 44th Infantry Division parade into Landeck Austria to begin occupation duties on VE-Day, May 7, 1945
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V1 Buzz Bomb Vergeltungswaffe 1  Vengeance Weapon

A V1 "Buzz Bomb" (the Vergeltungswaffe 1 or Vengeance Weapon 1) lies in a Northern European wood.
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